Why hire a CERTIFIED Case Manager?

Certification recognizes the growing need and defines the role of the professional Care Manager. The Certified Case Manager (CCM) is a credential that shows consumers that our Care Managers have demonstrated all the essential activities that define case management.

The Certified Case Manager encompasses the core components: healthcare management, health care reimbursement, rehabilitation, psychosocial aspects and the principles of practice of case management.

Who may hire a Care Manager?

  • Adult children and family members
  • Attorneys
  • Financial Planners
  • Trust Officers
  • Guardians
  • Nursing Homes
  • Senior Living Communities

What are Advanced Directives?

Advanced Directives are legal documents that anticipate events while you are living and direct others to act/plan on your behalf. Advanced Directives consist of a Living Will, Healthcare Surrogate, Power of Attorney and Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNR).

What is a Living Will?

Living Wills consist of a guide that indicates medical treatment you wish to receive if you are unable to communicate your wishes. It becomes operative or effective when you become mentally or physically incapacitated AND have a terminal condition, or have an end stage condition or you are in a persistent vegetative state.

What is a Healthcare Surrogate?

A Healthcare Surrogate designation appoints another person or persons to make health care decisions for you if you are not able to make those decisions yourself. The document also permits surrogates to transfer you from a hospital to a rehabilitation center and permits the surrogate to apply for public benefits on your behalf.

What is a Power of Attorney?

Power of Attorney allows you to choose a trusted individual to make decisions regarding your money and/or property including contracts and other legal acts. A Power of Attorney can also provide for healthcare decisions.

What is a Do Not Resuscitate Order?

A Do Not Resuscitate Order or DNR is a legal order written either in the hospital or on legal form to respect the wishes of a patient not to undergo CPR or advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) if your heart were to stop or you were to stop breathing. The DNR request is usually made by the patient or healthcare Power of Attorney and allows the medical teams to respect your wishes.

What are your Medicare Coverage Options?

  • Medicare Part A (Covers Hospital, Skilled Home Health Care and Hospice)
  • Medicare Part B (Covers Physician Visits and Out-patient Treatment)
  • Supplement Insurance or Medigap (Covers the 20% co-pay not covered by Medicare)
  • Medicare Part C (Covers Medicare Advantage Plans or PPO’s and HMO’s)
  • Medicare Part D (Covers Prescriptions)

What does Medicare Home Health Cover?

Under the Federal Government Conditions of Participation (COP’s) Medicare covers skilled home care services including nursing, therapists and home health aides to assist with personal care.

How is Long Term Care Funded?

Long-term Care Insurance, Veteran’s Benefits, Life Insurance, Long-term Care Annuity and Reverse Mortgages. Some Long Term Care policies have a yearly Care Management benefit.

What is the difference between a Home Health Aide and a Companion/Homemaker?

Home Health Aides have training requirements mandated by each state and can provide hands-on care such as bathing, vital signs and lifting/transferring.

A Companion/Homemaker cannot provide hands-on care but provides companionship, meals and light housekeeping. They can also provide verbal medication reminders.

What is Medication Reconciliation?

Medication reconciliation is the process of creating the most accurate list of medications a patient is taking and comparing that list against all providers caring for the patient. This includes checking for duplication such as Lasix and Furosemide and making certain there are no contraindications with medications, supplements and vitamins.

What if additional support services are needed?

Active Healthcare Solutions has access to an extensive network of well-established, reputable service providers who will assist with meeting the needs of our clients.

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