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"Eileen, Pat and Cindy are effective advocates for their clients, respected by the medical community and earth angels who care for their clients with the upmost respect and compassion. I highly recommend Active Healthcare Solutions ( AHCS) without reservation. in March '19 we were referred to AHCS when Mom required an emergency transfer from her then assisted living facility. Eileen and Pat were critical in the smooth transition to the facility mom is currently residing and thriving. One month after mom was settled Dad was diagnosed with aggressive skin cancer. i live 1500 miles away and Eileen was Dad's primary care manager. Dad trusted Eileen and she, Cindy and Pat were always available and provided unwavering support throughout the last year of Dad's life. I am forever grateful for their dedication, patience, kindness throughout. Thank you."

Margaret Burkhardt

"To Whom It May Concern, Our dad, who lived in Florida, was diagnosed with the early stages of dementia. Since my brother and I live in New York, this was going to present a logistical problem for all of us.

Active Healthcare Solutions came highly recommended to us. My brother and I knew that it was not going to be easy to convince our dad that he needed someone to check in on him but as soon as he met Eileen and Pat, he fell in love with them.

Eileen and Pat listened to our dad, were extremely conscientious about our dad – his needs, his wishes, as well as any medical issues that arose but that was only one piece of the care. They also maintained a wonderful relationship with my brother and me. Our dad passed away very unexpectedly and even after his passing, Eileen and Pat extended themselves to help my brother and me on any manner/capacity they could.

We can only speak so highly of Active Healthcare Solutions and tell you that they are wonderful, professional, caring people and anyone who is looking for any sort of assistance for a loved one, needs to look no further than with Active Healthcare Solutions ."

B. Siegel

"Eileen Tollefson and Pat Waldron were used by my family as care managers beginning January 2013. Fortunately, their services were no longer needed as of September, 2013. This is partially due to their excellent care and service. After an accident, my cousin had not only physical injuries but a traumatic brain injury. Pat Waldron along with Eileen Tollefson dealt adeptly, not only with a brain injured person, but with the family. Always remaining realistic, they exuded a warmth and understanding that aided all of us in dealing with the situation.

After a lot of research, they recommended a neuro rehab in Sarasota, FL. They held my hand so I was able to send him to a place which was basically unfamiliar. It was the right thing to do, not an easy one. Upon returning home from Sarasota, they coordinated doctors, appointments, etc.. They were never overly intrusive but were there whenever needed. As the months have passed, the patient and the family feel we no longer need the assistance but Pat has left a door open anytime we do feel a need. I sincerely hope I never need their service again but if needed, they would be the ones I contact."

Cousin of Client

Dear Eileen, I would like to thank you for all your care of my Aunt Marie for the last years of her life. Because I live so far away from Florida, I feel that we were very fortunate to have been lucky enough to have you available to manager her care.

You are such a strong advocate for the people you care for, acting in every way as a family member, taking her to her doctor’s appointments, making sure her prescriptions were filled, and most importantly, finding and selecting aides for her ever-evolving physical and mental condition. Your training as a registered nurse was invaluable, since you were able to assess every change in her condition, and be responsive in the right way, and always with her best interests in mind. What peace of mind that was for all of us in the family! Her siblings were too old, and frankly, none of us had the expertise to handle Marie’s complicated medical issues.

My aunt’s dementia had increased markedly over the past few years, and you were the one person she trusted to interpret her needs and arrange for them. Without your care, she would have gone from the hospital directly to hospice care, where she most likely would have been allowed to die. But thanks to you, and your insistence that she receive rehabilitation, she was allowed to return to her beloved home with increased levels of care. Because you cared so much, and believed that she could be returned to the condition she was in before, Aunt Marie had eight more months of a good life.

There is no way that I and the rest of Aunt Marie’s surviving family members can thank you enough. I hope that someone like you will be around at the end of everyone’s life, to listen, to hear, to help, to do, and ultimately to comfort them.

You will always be in my thoughts, and in my heart, for the amazing good that you did. I bless you, and thank you.

B. Penna

I write in full support of Patricia Waldron, RN. I have known, and worked directly with, Ms. Waldron since 1988. I have worked directly with her over the years in her capacity as an exceptional clinical registered nurse, a clinical care manager and as an executive in home health. Ms. Waldron has an unsurpassed integrity and work ethic in her duties.

Ms. Waldron has a consistency in her empathetic and caring approach to her patients, as well as, her dealings in business. Her clinical and life experiences have enhanced her innate qualities of honesty and clinical partnership to the advantage of her patients, and all colleagues she works with. She is highly intelligent and cordial in her dealings. This enhances the ease and quality of the care delivered.

I fully support her endeavors, and highly recommend her for her services. If I may be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.



"Eileen Tollefson and Pat Waldron have been like “guardian angels” for my sister. She would not listen to me or let me help her so they have been a lifesaver and given me peace of mind. Now she is doing much better and is happier."


Boca Raton, Fl
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